A new identity, packaging and e-commerce for a contemporary modular jewellery brand


A new identity, packaging and e-commerce for a contemporary modular jewellery brand.


I was asked to name a start-up jewellery brand which could be worn individually, mixed and matched or combined magnetically. I collaborated with the designer of the products, developing the name 'Modjool', an abbreviation of 'modular jewellery' which could be trademarked and used to create a dynamic logotype which reflected the characteristics of the product.


With so many potential products and combinations Modjool collection had the potential to become confusing for customers. So, we devised three core ranges, inspired by the products characteristics, to help organise the pieces and focus the brand moving forward.


Each product was housed in a windowed metallic bag with a screen printed logo and with product details on the reverse. Two different sized bags sealed all Modjool products, meaning this was both a unique and economical solution.


Shopify was selected as the most suitable e-commerce platform as we took into account the size of the business, expected sales and the client's need for an easy to use interface.


Working with a talented student photographer we built a database of product and model shots that could be connected or used on their own, just like the Modjool products.


Client: Modjool
Role: Design & Art Direction
Photography: Dino Forte
Disciplines: Naming / Identity / Packaging / Website