Mentos Me & You

An on-pack loyalty programme created for one of the world biggest confectionery brands.


An on-pack loyalty programme created for one of the world's biggest confectionery brands.


I was asked to help develop a concept for a new Mentos loyalty programme designed to drive frequency of purchase. Building on the 'who says no to a Mentos' positioning, I worked with my team to develop the Mentos 'Me & You' campaign. The idea being people could share more than just a Mentos by giving them the chance to treat a friend with every pack purchased.


I was asked to bring the idea to life with a unique campaign identity which could work on-pack. There were extreme restrictions to the space available on single rolls so a Mentos sweet shape was used to create a succinct lock-up with an icon of two Mentos people, typography from the master logo to help with recognition and minimal, but explicit campaign messaging.


I worked alongside a development team to plan the user journey and wireframe the website. Working the site up into a prototype and styling each page in line with the look and feel of the campaign identity.


As part of the platform launch we partnered with Jukin Media's 'People Are Awesome' - a channel which celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We produced a series of specially curated compilations which helped drive targeted traffic to both the Me&You platform and Mentos Facebook page. 


Client: Perfetti Van Melle
Role: Strategy & Design
Disciplines: Loyalty / Naming / Identity / Website