Meantime - Make Time For It

Limited edition craft beer packaging and promotional items for Meantime's 'Make time for it' campaign


A crafty collaboration, with 6 craftsmen, designed to highlight the care and attention afforded to every keg and bottle of Meantime beer.


'Make Time for It' was a concept centred around one of Meantime’s founding principles, something they refer to as the fifth ingredient in their beer; time. Each Craftsmen had six weeks to make something for a pop-up bar and Meantime had six weeks to brew a beer in their honour. I worked closely with the team at Meantime to develop the campaign, creatively blending their brand with each of the craftsmen to produce core visuals, limited edition packaging and advertising.


 Meantime's core range features a prominent quarter Harrison Clock. The shape of the clock was an element we didn't want loose as it is vital to the recognition of the product. Working with this space I conceptualised how clock hand and external cog might be reworked using elements from each craft. The final concepts were then rendered in a similar style to the existing clock illustration and signed by each craftsman.


Client: Meantime Brewing Company
Role: Design & Art Direction
Short Films: UKTV Creative
Disciplines: Illustration / Packaging / Promotional Materials